Soldier Soldier classEdit

Soldiers battle with a Sword and Shield, and can equip Leather Armor, Hauberk Armor, and Shield Armor.

Active skills:Edit

Inter Interception:

  • Takes one enemy.
  • Level required 16.

S4 Drawing Attention:

  • The shot causes damge, which directly depends on the strength of the distance attack.
  • Level required 26.

S6 Defensive Stand:

  • Foreign attacks cause the hero 10% less damage and his actions make the enemy more angry.
  • Level required 28.

S7 Strong Strike:

  • The shield blow depends on the hero's power, it breaks saying of a magic word and it makes the enemy engry.
  • Level required 40.

S11 Command Cry:

  • It increases the attack power, mobility of the group members by 200 and sustained power for the level by (MinValue_541)
  • Level required 30.

Pasive spells:Edit

S2 Average Armor:

  • Allows the character to wear a suit of armor.
  • Level required 15.

S3 Shields:

  • The character is permitted to have a shield with a light weapon for close combat.
  • Level required 15.

S8 Strengthened Armor:

  • It increases the health by 15 for each 500 units of the armour.
  • Level required 44.

S9 Swords:

  • It enables the hero to use one-handed swords.
  • Level required 15.

S10 Retribution:

  • After warding off the attack, the hero will strike in return with 30% chance, causing 70 of extra damage, he can disarm.
  • Level required 30.
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