There are a number of different currencies in Fragoria, used for various purposes. They include gold, silver and copper/brass coins, emeralds, silver and brass (translated as "Brace") badges, and marbles.


Gold is the most generic currency in the game, and comes in 3 denominations. 1 gold coin = 100 silver coins. 1 silver coin = 100 copper coins. 1 gold coin = 10000 copper coins.



Badges can be obtained through PvP events, from monster drops, and in exchange for marbles. They can be exchanged with Exchanger NPCs for high level equipment as well as random equipment.

Badges are available in 3 denominations: Gold, Silver, and Brace (brass or copper). 1 Silver Badge = 100 Brace Badges. 1 Gold Badge = 10 Silver Badges. 1 Gold Badge = 1000 Brace Badges.

Marbles (or Balls)Edit

Marbles, sometimes referred to as Balls or Orbs, can be obtained from level 1 wolves in level-restricted PVP areas within Fragotown, located at:

  • Level 10-15: Fragotown (-12/-120)
  • Level 15-20: Fragotown (6/-120)
  • Level 20-29: Fragotown (7/118)
  • Level 30-39: Fragotown (-104/2)
  • Level 40-49: Fragotown (-104/-16)
  • Level 50-59: Fragotown (108/-20)
  • Level 60-100: Fragotown (108/6)

Marbles can be traded to Hunters located near the collection locations, for pet items, badges, as well as purple quality weapons (Red Marbles (level 10-20) only).