You can move by clicking the mouse on the location on the screen where you wish to go

You can also move by using the WASD keys


You can target a monster by clicking on it with the mouse cursor.

To select the nearest mob to you, click TAB.

Shortcut barEdit

At the bottom of the screen there is a shortcut bar that you can put skills and items in. To select the slot, hold the / key and press the number that corresponds to that skillslot. Press / and 1 to activate your first skill / and 2 to activate your second and so forth.

In order to move skills or items once they have been placed on the shortcut bar, press Shift+click.

(The settings for the bar can be changed by going to the MiniMenu and clicking the buttons : Menu > Settings > Panels (Panels is a button in the lower part of the windows). Panel 0 is the Shortcut bar. Panel 1 is the RIGHT bar on the right side of the screen, with Panel 2 being the LEFT bar on the right side.)

Fragoria's Game InterfaceEdit


1. Minimap:

Quest indicators, player location, and the worldmap shortcut show in the minimap area.

2. Quest Tracker:

Quest progress is tracked in the quest tracker. You can see items collected, quest targets, and more.

3. Chat Windows:

Chat windows can be resized and moved to anywhere on the screen. Click the chat box and type to begin chatting with other players.

4. Shortcut Bar:

Skills, potions, and most action-based items can be placed on the Shortcut bar for quick access. Left clicking them will activate the item.

5. MiniMenu:

The Minimenu contains links to important game windows: Character info, Bag, System Menu, Skills, and more.

6. Character Profile:

The character profile shows the character's level, hit points, mana points, and experience. It also shows mail notifications too!

Creating your HeroEdit

It is very simple to create your hero! Just 3 short steps.

Step 1: Choose character's gender


Step 2: Enter a name


Step 3: Choose an avatar



First StepsEdit


When you start the game after Creating your Hero you appear here and must choose what way to take.

North = All Power's Village

This path will grant you an attack skill in Fire magic.

South = Zverobor's Village

Learn a healing skill in Life magic through this portal.

West = All Power's Village

This path will grant you a regeneration skill in Life magic.

East = Navy's Village

Entering this portal grants a damage skill in Necromantic magic

((Currently, the game grants you all four skills to start with, no matter which portal you choose))

Beginner's Quests (Under Construction)Edit

This section of the guide will help you take your first steps in the game.



The rest of the Beginner's Quests are covered in the Pets Guide.

Choosing your ClassEdit

When the time comes to choose your class, your skill button will start to glow to inform you of this event. The first choice is at 9, then 15, and lastly 31. With the level cap at 100 that leaves almost 70 level of space for new classes, so keep a watch for this page to change.


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