The Auction House allows unattended sales of a variety of items, as well as a centralized location for shopping.


The auction house is located in the building at (-54,22) in Fragotown, just west of the bank. Once inside, click any of the 3 NPCs to access the auctions. You can also visit Auctioneer Kirian, at (-190,24) in Western Lands.


When you access the auction house, the buying screen is loaded by default. Initially, everything is displayed, but you can filter listings by item type, quality, and currency. You can also sort items by name, level, quantity, and price, by clicking on those column headings.

Auction Interface

Auction House Interface

To bid on an auction, click on it, and enter a bid between the Actual Price (either starting price or current high bid) and the Price (instant sale price). If the auction reaches the end of its duration and your bid is the highest, you will win the auction and the item will be delivered to your mailbox. Note that when you bid, the bid amount is deducted from your available funds. If you do not win the auction, it will be returned to you via your mailbox.

To purchase an item immediately, click on it, then click the Redeem button in the bottom right corner. This will purchase the item for the instant sale Price, and deliver it to your mailbox.


Auction Create Lot

Auction House Selling Interface

To sell an item, click the "Create Lot" button in the lower left corner (the two buttons there toggle between buying and selling). Drag the item you wish to sell from your inventory to the slot on the lower right. Set the currency you wish to sell in, either gold or emeralds, with the Currency buttons. Set the Starting Price, the minimum amount you want to sell the item for, and the Final Price, or instant sale price, at which you're willing to end the auction early. With the row of buttons below, set the duration of the auction, either 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours. The system will calculate a Tax, or auction fee, based on the Final Price and duration of the auction.

You can list a maximum of # items at a time.

When an auction completes, the payment for the item, minus the tax amount, will be sent to you via the mail system. If an auction completes without any bids, the item will be returned to you, also through the mail system.